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How to Care For Your Dentures in Owings Mills

December 14, 2015

Man with a beautiful smile thanks to dentures in Owings MillsMany edentulous (without teeth) patients believe that once they have dentures, their oral health concerns are over. In fact, patients who need dentures also need to spend time caring for their prosthetic teeth just as they would a natural smile, and older patients have to be especially careful. As we age, the decay-causing bacteria counts in our mouth go up, and less saliva, the mouth’s natural bacteria neutralizer, is produced. Patients over 65 on average take at least 3 prescription medications every day, and one of the main causes of dry mouth is prescription medication. Luckily, dental patients in Owings Mills can rest easy, if they follow a few simple denture care dos and don’ts from the caring team at Diamond Dental.

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