Same Day Root Canals in Owings Mills, MD

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

  • Serious pain that occurs when chewing applying any kind of pressure to a particular tooth
  • Discoloration (darkening) of a tooth
  • Red/irritated gums
  • Excessive oral sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • A persistent pimple that appears constantly on the gums

If one or more of these qualities matches the current state of your oral health, you may be suffering from a badly infected tooth. Here in Owings Mills, our dental team is committed to helping preserve as much of your natural smile as possible in a way that’s effective and convenient. That’s why Dr. Monica Mattson offers same-day root canal therapy as a transformative restorative option that can bring back full health and structure to a tooth on the brink of extraction – and all in just a single appointment!

The Root Canal Therapy Process

While root canal therapy may have earned a scary reputation over time, the truth is that it’s a highly successful procedure that most patients report hurts no more than receiving a common filling. First, we’ll carefully access the inner chamber of the infected tooth. This allows us to get rid of any diseased pulp and cleanse the tooth of infection-causing bacteria. Then, we’ll thoroughly seal the area to protect it from further infection. Finally, we will create a full, customized crown that’s designed to fit over the treated tooth and provide it with protection; this will help ensure the tooth’s continued health and longevity throughout the years.

Are you ready to invest in your oral health? Dr. Mattson and her team are here to provide you with the valuable education, support, and high-quality care you need to enjoy a smile that both looks and feels exceptional. Contact Diamond Dental of Owings Mills today if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your first appointment!

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