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If you are contending with the challenges of missing teeth—whether one, several, or all of the teeth along an arch—then the need for tooth replacement is obvious. Obvious because you may instinctively lift your hand to cover your mouth when you smile; you may be reluctant to speak in professional and social situations; and you may even have an insufficient diet, because you are unable to chew nutritious foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Taken together all of these factors can add up to low self-confidence and low self-esteem. Therefore, the need to replace missing teeth is imperative.

For years, both full and partial dentures have been excellent options for tooth replacement and they still are today. Dr. Monica M. Mattson, your Owings Mill dentist, will design and fit dentures that will restore your smile, your chewing ability and your confidence.

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If you are missing one, two, or three teeth consecutively along one arch, then a partial denture may be the ideal solution for you. A partial consists of false teeth that are mounted on a pink or gum-colored base. This oral prosthesis fits between or among your natural teeth much like a puzzle piece. Brackets or clasps hold the partial in place firmly. With some time and practice, you’ll be able to chew and talk as comfortably as you would with natural teeth.

Full dentures, also called complete dentures, are designed to replace a full arch of missing teeth. A person who has lost all of their teeth is almost always recognizable by the sagging appearance of his or her face. Therefore, full dentures not only restore your smile and your ability to speak and chew, they can also fill out the look of your face, so you have a more natural and youthful appearance.

Dr. Mattson will design a denture with false teeth that closely resemble your own teeth. In addition, she’ll make sure the base portion of your denture fits snuggly yet comfortably along your gums. If you notice any spots that rub or give you discomfort, let us know. Dr. Mattson can adjust the base to fit more smoothly.

Caring for your Dentures, Ownings Mills

Because a full or partial denture is in your mouth the better part of a day, proper hygiene care is important. You need to brush your dentures every day with a soft denture brush. Never use toothpaste on your dentures. Toothpaste can have abrasive particles that might scratch dentures. Just use water when you brush your dentures. Brushing removes food debris and plaque. If you can’t brush after a meal, then rinse with water.

You can purchase a denture cleaner at the grocery or pharmacy. A cleaner is not intended to replace daily brushing. However, these can help your dentures look, smell and taste better. If you run out of denture cleaner, you can use a mild hand soap or dishwashing liquid.

Here in Owings Mills, Dr. Monica Mattson is dedicated to providing patients of all ages with superior denture treatment that promises quality results. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment.

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