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Environmentally Friendly Dentist in Owings Mills

At Diamond Dental of Owings Mills, Dr. Monica Mattson and the whole team are committed to going green. But what does that mean for a dentist’s office, exactly? We’re glad you asked -- keep reading to find out what makes us the environmentally friendly dentist in Owings Mills.

Embracing Environmental Stewardship

We know that protecting the richness of our planet is a key pillar of our commitment to being a responsible community member and best-serving our patients.  Accordingly, we are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote sustainability.

Some of the things we are doing in our effort to go green are listed below.

Digital Radiology

This is a big one. By choosing digital imagery over traditional x-rays, Diamond Dental of Owings Mills reduces the amount of chemical waste that’s put back into the environment. The move also reduces the amount of radiation patients are exposed to while increasing accuracy for improved treatment planning. When it comes to radiology, going digital is a win-win-win.

Reducing Our Phantom Load

Sure, it’s easier to leave the office after a long day without taking the time to shut down every machine. But with the powerful technology you find in a dentist’s office, that means a lot of wasted electricity over the course of a couple of years… and after a decade of this seemingly small “green” habit, we know we will have made a real impact. We also use LED light bulbs wherever possible, to reduce the amount of electricity we use when the lights are on, too.

Going Paperless

It’s an obvious move in an effort to go green, but it’s one that too many offices haven’t yet adopted. By storing your records digitally and communicating with patients, specialists and insurance companies through email, we greatly reduce our paper consumption.

Minimizing Waste

Diamond Dental of Owings Mills reduces the amount of mass we send to the landfill by thinking through the materials we use. We prefer paper over plastic for items such as headrest covers and other dental accessories, and we eliminate the need for messy dental impression materials by using 3D imaging and CAD/CAM technology to capture images of your oral structures.

We are also committed to purchasing materials and paper goods that have been recycled, whenever possible.

Mercury-Free Fillings

Dr. Mattson prefers tooth-colored fillings, a method which uses composite resin to restore the health of a tooth after a cavity has taken hold. Unlike silver, or amalgam, tooth-colored fillings contain zero mercury -- a wise choice for the health of the patient and the environment.


You’re making a small vote for the kind of world you want to live in every time you use your wallet. Visit the dentist that makes caring for our environment a priority! Schedule an appointment with your environmentally friendly dentist in Owings Mills, Dr. Monica Mattson, today.

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