Your Emergency Dentist May Be Able to Save Your Aching Tooth!

January 10, 2018

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AdobeStock_66759435__1517701683_65685When the pain started, you ignored it, hoping it would go away. Gradually, though, it has gotten to the point where you can’t put up with it for another second. You’re ready to go to the dentist and have them yank that sucker out of there! Wait — don’t be so hasty. While extractions are sometimes necessary, they should be a last resort. Your emergency dentist in Owings Mills may be able to save that tooth and relieve your pain with root canal therapy.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

The pulp is the innermost layer of your teeth. It contains a nerve that sends pain signals to your brain, which is why you end up in agony when your tooth becomes infected, causing inflammation in the pulp. Root canal therapy, sometimes just called a root canal, is when your dentist gently cleans out the infected or damaged area, removes the nerve that is causing you pain, and restores the tooth’s structure with a crown.

Why Is a Root Canal Better than Extraction?

It’s always better to save an infected tooth rather than pull it out because:

  • If you’re missing a tooth, the adjacent teeth might drift out of place.
  • Chewing is more difficult if you have gaps in your smile.
  • Missing teeth are unattractive.
  • Saving a tooth with a root canal now is more cost-effective than pulling the tooth and replacing it later with an implant or bridge.

Some people prefer extractions because they’ve been fooled by the popular media into thinking that root canal therapy is extremely painful. In truth, though, the procedure isn’t scary at all. Your dentist will make sure you don’t experience any pain during your treatment. You may feel some discomfort for a few days after the procedure, but you’ll be back to 100 percent before you know it!

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Pain, either all the time or when you apply pressure to a certain tooth, is a big indicator that you might need a root canal. Other symptoms that should have you dialing your dentist include:

  • One tooth is significantly darker than the ones around it.
  • There is a persistent pimple-like structure on your gums.
  • Your gums are red and irritated.
  • The tooth is extremely sensitive to hot and cold.

Relief Isn’t Far Away

If you have severe tooth pain, it’s unwise to delay getting treatment. Not only do you risk making the situation worse, but your suffering won’t go away on its own. At Diamond Dental, we offer same-day root canal therapy in a comfortable and compassionate environment.

Tooth pain? Instead of busting out the pliers and calling the tooth fairy, call your dentist in Owings Mills. We may be able to keep that pearly white right where it belongs — in your mouth.

About Diamond Dental

Dr. Monica Mattson at Diamond Dental genuinely cares about the oral health and overall well-being of her patients, which is why she offers emergency dental services. If your tooth is in pain, please contact us at 443-394-2273.